Tornjak puppies

Hello! We accept reservations for our Tornjak puppies born on 5th of November 2023 in Czech Republic. Puppies will be able to collect at the end of December and will have all documents, chip and other necessities. This is a “C” litter for our kennel Sredni Vaštar. Father of the puppies is Rujan Vala Liburna, mother is Avela Beškita Sredni Vaštar. Both parents are absolutely healthy, loyal and unique dogs. Rujan lives with a family with small children and loves them endlessly. Beška lives with a small family, her father Acheron, mother Vanja, step-sister Meda and all kinds of farm animals, such as sheep. She is also a very successful in dog shows. Her father Acheron has fathered many Tornjak litters in Poland.
Tornjak is a very old dog breed originally from Croatia and Bosna and Herzegovina. It used to be a shepherd dog, working with herds of sheep or cows, but over the years it developed into a multi-functional dog breed. You can still use them as working dogs to guard your cattle, but also as a family dog or companion. This breed is very loyal, loving, but has its characteristics that should be studied before purchasing (as every other dog breed). For more information feel free to contact us via e-mail or SMS.

Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)Tornjak puppies - Tornjak (355)

Category: Štěňata na prodej
Papers: s PP
Breed: Tornjak (355)
Pohlaví: Fena, Pes
Date of birth: 05. Lis, 2023
Price: 1000 EUR


Contact person: Sabina Kučerová
Phone: +420702296442
Umístění: Prostějov, Olomoucký kraj, Česko
Země: Česká republika

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